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DIFC Living offers beautiful homes that show timeless beauty and modern living. The homes are designed with care and elegance, representing the future of how we live. They have plenty of space inside, ranging from 647 to 2,372 square feet, giving a perfect balance of roominess. As you walk in, you'll feel a calm and peaceful atmosphere with soft pastel colors, high ceilings, and big rooms flooded with natural light from the large windows. The design is thoughtful, using space wisely and giving amazing views. DIFC Living is more than just a place to live; it's a luxurious experience. It has top-notch shops, great places to eat, and versatile entertainment areas. All of these are connected by easy-to-walk paths, so you can conveniently enjoy everything in one go. It's about luxury, style, and a complete, enjoyable lifestyle.
Starting Price
1,650,000 AED
Q3 2026

DIFC Living boasts an incredibly convenient location. Just a short 5-minute walk away is the Dubai Metro, making transportation a breeze. Within 5 minutes by car, you can reach the futuristic Museum of the Future, adding a touch of innovation and culture to your doorstep. A bit further at 12 minutes by car stands the iconic Burj Khalifa, a true marvel of modern architecture. Within 15 minutes, you can reach the Dubai Frame, offering a unique perspective of the city's past and future. For a relaxing day at the beach, Jumeirah Beach is a mere 20-minute drive away. Traveling is a breeze too, with Dubai International Airport accessible in just 20 minutes by car. And within 22 minutes, you can marvel at the luxurious Burj Al Arab, showcasing the epitome of luxury and grandeur. DIFC Living truly situates you at the heart of Dubai's finest attractions, ensuring a lifestyle of both convenience and splendor.

Fitness Center / GYM
24/7 Security
Kids Play Area
Outdoor Pool
Infinity Pools
Floor Plans of
Attractive 5/95 Payment Plan
Down Payment

5 %

Upon SPA Signature

10 %

During Construction

55 %

Handover Q3 2026

30 %

is located in
Dubai International Financial Centre
The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) stands as an advanced financial hub, encompassing a significant region including the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. Hosting a population of approximately 3 billion across 72 countries, with a nominal GDP of US$ 8 trillion, it holds a prestigious position on the global financial stage. Dubai International Financial Centre features modern urban architecture, luxurious apartments, and a bustling atmosphere with professionals and opulent dining experiences. Moreover, it boasts a thriving arts scene, showcasing both emerging and established artists from around the world, and is a gathering place for influential figures. This vibrant district also houses upscale hotels, chic residences, public art, and high-end boutiques, making it a hub for both business and cultural indulgence. Whether during the day or night, DIFC offers a lively urban ambiance, attracting diverse visitors, from city workers relaxing after their day to art enthusiasts exploring galleries.
5 mins

to Downtown Dubai

20 mins

to Dubai Marina

20 mins

to Dubai Airport

40 mins

to DWC Airport

is listed by
Serdar Properties
Serdar Properties is a new addition to the Dubai real estate market. The start of this project was incredibly successful, and today our office in Dubai professionally serves the entire range of demand in the real estate industry of the United Arab Emirates. Our team comprises highly skilled real estate professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the industry. We carefully analyze every business move we make to ensure alignment with the latest trends and advancements in real estate. This involves staying informed about market developments, utilizing cutting-edge technology, and implementing innovative strategies to enhance our client services. Our objectives include comprehending and surpassing our clients’ expectations through transparent communication and consistently offering candid advice. We work towards establishing enduring relationships founded on trust, integrity, and professionalism, ensuring that our clients perceive their value and remain well-informed throughout their journey. Moreover, we foster a sense of ownership, pride, and satisfaction among our employees, as they play a pivotal role in delivering exceptional service to our clients. Our ambition extends to becoming a trusted and respected partner in the community, forging meaningful and lasting relationships that contribute to the overall well-being and prosperity of the areas we serve.

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